Bronzed Organics

All Natural Spray Tans

Bronzed Organics offers the finest, all natural solutions in the spray tan industry to give you a healthy, bronzed glow.

Before your Spray tan

  • It is best to exfoliate 24-48 hours before a with a chemical- free exfoliant.

  • Shaving or waxing is recommended 1 day prior to spray tan.

  • Do not wear any moisturizer, lotion, make-up, or deodorant, as these will act as barriers.

during your spray tan

  • You will be provided with a hair net, nose plug, and disposable thong during your spray tan visit.

  • An undergarment must be worn and may be of whatever you are comfortable with. Please note, it will be sprayed with solution. The solution typically washes out of any clothing, but it is always recommended to not wear something of value.


  • If available, it is recommended to wear dark, loose fitting clothing for when you are done being sprayed.

  • Please avoid getting wet after sprayed and do not shower until processing time is over.

  • If it is raining, bring an umbrella large enough to cover you.

  • Try to avoid activities that require excessive sweating for at least 12 hours.

  • Moisturizing with a chemical free lotion is key to maintaining your spray tan. Hydrated skin is healthy skin!

  • A tan extender is recommended to help keep the tan looking natural and bronzed in between sessions.